Analyzes all incoming calls from patients
Reminds the patient to visit the clinic by SMS or mail
Stores all patient appointments
Contact center
Financial management, clinic income and expenses
Cross-sales management
Controls bookings with doctor and office scheduling
Convenient and quick change of patient statuses
Stores all patient data in the personal account
Doctor’s office
Converts any doctor’s forms into electronic format
Stores all information about patients’ analyzes, diagnostics and treatment
Stores all test results, easy analyzes assignment

What MedCenter+ can offer

Collect patient tickets

Send tickets from website
Built-in telephony
Real-time statistics
Record lists to doctors

Organizing doctor’s work

Doctor’s office
Doctor’s schedule
Full patient information
Adaptive medical cards and forms approved by Ministry of Health

Storing information and working with it

Medicine flow
Integration with 1C
Patient’s personal account
Working with insurance section

Analyzing all incoming data

Financial analytical section
Patient data
Generating various reports


Help and technical support

We will help you not only at the implementation stage, but also at the stage of working with the software.

Possibility of improvements

Technical improvements according to business requirements and internal business processes.

Optimization of business processes

Consulting and recommendations for optimizing business processes in your medical institution.


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